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I'm Junaid K.

I'm a UIUX designer based in Slough, UK with experience in delivering

end-to-end UX/UI design for software products. I'm passionate about improving the lives of others through design and am constantly looking to learn new things every day.

My Story

I started my career journey by deciding to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. This degree opened many doors for me due to its broad nature. In my final year of university, I was pleased to get an offer for an internship as a front-end developer. I stayed in that role for a few months before I was asked if I’d like to move into a UI/UX role. Since I already had a keen interest in design, I decided to take the opportunity.


Since there was no official training provided by the company I was with, I had to learn UI/UX by myself. I did this by watching YouTube and Instagram videos. Soon my internship became a full-time role as the company liked my work. At the time I was the only designer they had.


After working at Aciano for two years, I decided to move companies. When I was looking around for vacancies, I got an offer from Ordercall, where I was already working as a part time designer. At the time Ordercall was a start-up, whereas Aciano was a software house. This allowed to me to see a completely different side to the business. After working a year and a half at Ordercall, I moved to the UK, where I have been doing various freelance projects.


My hobbies include travelling to different countries, outdoor sports such as cricket and playing video games; favourite being PUBG. I like to make sure I get a healthy work/life balance, so I am enjoying both aspects of my life to the fullest.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.


Let's connect.

+44 7818 6542 36

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